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A 2D car game in which you have to ram the opponent. Inspired by Demolition Derby's, originally it was going to be top-down but firstly, that would've taken longer & secondly; I haven't seen too much like this done before. As with the majority of game-jam games i submit - this one needs (a lot of) improvement. Hope you appreciate the concept.


Player 1 - 'A' & 'D' to move

Player 2 - 'Left\ & 'Right\ to move

Yet To Be Done/Added:

  1. Make it so that player can't control car while in mid-air/not on ground
  2. Improve collision detection system to somehow recognise/estimate which player hit who
  3. Detect if car is upside down
  4. Ensure car-sprites horizontally flip if they begin moving in the opposite direction
  5. Change Collider's size for more realistic crashes
  6. Destructions (Cars get destructed/destroyed)
  7. A better selection of cars (currently there's no choice)
  8. Possibly upgrades/power-ups
  9. Better graphics
  10. And a few more features I'd like to keep secret for now

Feel free to comment on anything of these which you don't want changed.

Published Oct 12, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


Siderby0.app.zip 14 MB

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