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A 2D car game in which you have to ram the opponent. Inspired by Demolition Derby's, originally it was going to be top-down but firstly, that would've taken longer & secondly; I haven't seen too much like this done before. As with the majority of game-jam games i submit - this one needs (a lot of) improvement. Hope you appreciate the concept.


Player 1 - 'A' & 'D' to move

Player 2 - 'Left\ & 'Right\ to move

Yet To Be Done/Added:

  1. Make it so that player can't control car while in mid-air/not on ground
  2. Improve collision detection system to somehow recognise/estimate which player hit who
  3. Detect if car is upside down
  4. Ensure car-sprites horizontally flip if they begin moving in the opposite direction
  5. Change Collider's size for more realistic crashes
  6. Destructions (Cars get destructed/destroyed)
  7. A better selection of cars (currently there's no choice)
  8. Possibly upgrades/power-ups
  9. Better graphics
  10. And a few more features I'd like to keep secret for now

Feel free to comment on anything of these which you don't want changed.


Siderby0.app.zip 14 MB

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